Health E1

How to register

We only register people who are street homeless or those in temporary or hostel accommodation in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

When you register with Health E1 you are registered with the practice rather than a particular GP.

The Health E1 Medical Centre is Nurse-led which means that your first point of contact may be with a Nurse Practitioner. All of our nursing team have received special training to look after many of your health needs that previously only a doctor could do.

When registering you will be asked for a medical card or some other proof of your identification. If you do have any, please discuss this with the receptionist.

As part of registration with the practice we ask you to attend a new patient health check with our health care assistant. This involves answering some questions and undergoing a simple health check.

Am I registering with the right practice?

Please note that you must live within the practice boundary to be able to register with us. If you’re unsure, please go to Location map – or go to Find-a-doc and Find-a-dentist below to find your nearest GP or dentist.


  • Important!

    This practice allows community health service staff involved in your care to access parts of your medical record. Your consent will be asked before this can take place. If you do not wish this to happen, please let the practice know.